Chrome Extensions

Easy Color Picker

Grab colors from webpages anytime, instant color picker and personal color history.

Instant Color Picker

Quickly select colors from website or colorpicker board anytime.

Color Eyedropper

Pick colors from web pages, color picker and your personal color history.

Easy Night Shift

Adjust screen brightness to a protective color.

Easy Color Saver

Pick and save favorite colors for later use.

Easy Screen Shader

Tint with soothing hue to ease eye strain.

Color Background Tab

Display color-themed image as the background for every new tab.

Pink Background Newtab

Make your new tab look pretty with different pink backgrounds.

New Extensions

To be added on a regular basis.


News & Reviews

  • Joe Glen

    “ Very good app! I love it! Really fantastic color utility. ”

    — Review of Easy Color Picker Chrome Extension

  • Leandro

    “ The best tool ever!!! ”

    — Review of Easy Color Picker Chrome Extension